Lemon and orange ice pops

di il 1 maggio 2012
lemon and orange ice pops

Lemon and orange ice pops

It has been a long time coming but summer has finally arrived! It seems like only yesterday that our patio garden was full of snow.  The only way we can refresh now is to get some of the lemon and orange ice pops we prepared yesterday out of the freezer, hoping there are still some left over!

Lemon and orange ice pops are the ideal home made healthy snack you may want to cool down on a hot summer day and they are very easy to prepare.

(makes 10 pops)

2 large oranges
2 large lemons
200 ml still water
150 g + 2 tablespoons granulated sugar

Pour the water in a small pot. Add the sugar. Bring to the boil and stirr until sugar dissolves. Set aside the pot until cool.

Half the oranges and squeeze them with a hand or electric juicer. Strain the orange juice through a sieve into a small bowl pressing pulp with a spoon. Repeat this  procedure with the lemons in a separate bowl. Add the two tablespoons of sugar to the lemon juice.

Add half of the cooled water mixture into each bowl and mix thoroughly.

Pour the two fruit mixtures into ice-pop molds, leaving a little room at the tops for water volume increase during the freezing process. Insert sticks and freeze until solid, about 4 hours.

If you prefer  you can introduce bits of orange and lemon slices  into molds  before freezing the juice: your lollies will look fancier but  they may be less handy for children.

No panic if proper molds are not at hand when you decide to prepare the ice pops: you can use small plastic cups (the ones generally used to serve cofee) and  small squared pieces of cardbord (side bigger than the diameter of the cups!). Poor the juice mixture in each plastic cup and stab each cardbord right in the middle with the stick (this will prevent the end of the stick to drop against the wall of the glass). Insert 3/4 of the stick into the juice mixture and freeze.

Unmold the ice pops by dipping the mold almost to the edge into warm water for just a few seconds. With clean fingers, loosen the pops around the edges of the mold and serve immediately.

Have a nice summer!

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